25 November 2021


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Roaring ahead or left behind - Renewables in the 2020s

Emerging from the pandemic, Wales finds itself with some huge opportunities to deliver a programme of green renewal based on the principles of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.  Central to this will be Welsh Government’s Low Carbon Delivery Plan for 2021-26, which will flesh out these principles for the purpose of sector decarbonisation.  Are we on the right track?

Energy infrastructure for net zero

With the growing dominance of renewable energy, greater urgency is required to ensure energy system infrastructure can accommodate the characteristics and availability of multiple energy sources to serve the changing requirements of heat, transport and industrial sectors.  What major choices face policy makers and what role will the industry play in balancing risk with the requirements to both move at pace and take consumers with us?  We will also consider the impact that the climate and nature emergencies have on the energy system which emerges, its shape and scope, and how it relates to people and the environment. 

Visualising Wales' success

How does Wales position itself as an attractive proposition for energy investment post Brexit and post pandemic?  What is the balance between private and public risk taking capital in major renewables investment and is the current political narrative a help or hindrance?  What tools do we have at our disposal in terms of economic development and institutions which will make the difference?